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Steve Wilson
Steve Wilson
Steve W duotone.jpg

Mr. Steve Wilson is a veteran of fiber optics communications and deregulated electricity industries. As Chairman of NODABL’s Management Board, Mr. Wilson provides strategic guidance to the company as it marches forward on its 5G journey.


Mr. Wilson is also founder and Chief Executive Officer of Texzon Utilities, Ltd. Texzon, founded in 2002, sells and markets commercial electricity in deregulated markets across the U.S. In 2008, Texzon was recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S. by Entrepreneur and Inc. magazines.


Always a visionary, Mr. Wilson supported early stage development of a scientific breakthrough for wireless electricity transmission. In his early career Mr. Wilson worked for several companies, including Ericsson, Light-Net, MCI, and Wil-Tel. He rose through the ranks starting out as a fiber optic technician/splicer, engineer, project manager, and eventually as Vice president of engineering, site development, and construction of large Telecom Data Centers nationwide.


Mr. Wilson currently serves on two University Advisory Boards and two Non-Profit Ministry Boards and resides in Ennis, TX. He has been married for 38 years, has three children and two grandchildren.

Aroon Tungare
Aroon Tungare
Aroon Web Photo Final_duo.jpg

Dr. Aroon Tungare is a wireless industry veteran who is widely credited for driving miniaturization of the mobile phone to its current elegant form factor and for implementing some of the smarts seen in today’s smartphones. As Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Tungare’s mission is to make NODABL the preferred partner for broadband infrastructure and services that enable people, communities, and businesses to flourish, and thus create significant economic value for NODABL’s customers, investors, and other stakeholders.


Dr. Tungare is also the founder and president of Batwing Innovations-a technology and business strategy consultancy that has helped clients in disparate industries understand and harness disruptive emerging technologies. Dr. Tungare previously spent 19 years at Motorola in leadership roles in R&D, Product Innovation, and IPR, and contributed richly to several of Motorola’s most iconic product launches including the RAZR. Post Motorola, Dr. Tungare joined Sonim Technologies as the vice president of portfolio strategy and product management.


Dr. Tungare is a prolific inventor and holds 19 U.S. patents. He has a Ph.D. in Engineering from Syracuse University and a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. Dr. Tungare has been recognized by the U.S. Electronics Industry with its prestigious IPC President’s Award. He presently resides with his wife in the Chicago area, and has two daughters who have followed in his engineering footsteps.

Tom Zurawski
Tom Zurawski
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Mr. Zurawski is a telecommunications industry veteran with over 25 years of experience in network planning, construction, and performance optimization. As Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Zurawski leads NODABL’s engineering team and is responsible for network and services design and deployment per customer’s needs and goals.


Prior to joining NODABL, Mr. Zurawski worked at AT&T in various management roles. His network experience started with AMPS technologies and evolved through 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, to 5G New Radio technologies. His experience includes working in the field on transmission equipment, trouble-shooting network performance problems, and network upgrades and overlays.


Mr. Zurawski earned a bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from Penn State University with a minor in Telecommunications Engineering. He has attained numerous certifications and gained specialized expertise from some of the top vendors in the industry including Nokia, Lucent, Ericsson, JMA, Commscope and Federated Wireless.

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